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  • Kelly Whitmoyer and Sandy McNamara

Spring Rural Listing Preparation

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

After a long winter, a good deep clean of the house seems always to be in order, especially if you're planning to sell. From cleaning carpets to washing windows and wiping down the cupboards and baseboards, there are many things inside that should be done to prepare a home to list on the market.

If you're listing in rural Montana, the chores list is a little longer. Simply dusting and decluttering is not enough. Create a great first impression for Buyers by doing the things that need to be done anyway such as cleaning out the wood stove and stove pipe, scooping the yard, dragging the field and shoveling a winter's worth of manure from the pens. Go the extra mile to straighten the tack room & barn, sweep the shop floor, knock down cobwebs under the eves and maybe even clean up the wood chips around the wood pile.

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